Bob Egan is returning to his troubadour roots this spring with a three-week tour of British Columbia.  Until his temporary retirement two years ago Bob managed to average fifty shows a year in B.C. between Blue Rodeo commitments.

“I just ran out of steam gigging 150 shows a year and needed a break to ground myself and explore other interests.”  Those other interests included producing new singer/songwriter Whitney Rose (listen to the results at myspace.com/whitneyrosesongs).  Working with Whitney was a real eye opener for Bob. 

“She’s fresh and energetic which was a nice contrast to my more jaded nature.  She reminded me of how much I loved writing and performing.  She is also a big fan of my solo work and was relentless at pressuring me to tour just so she could sing my songs.”  Thus, the 2009 B.C. tour came to be.

Not satisfied to fall back on the material from his 4 solo records Bob set about writing new music for this tour.  “I’ve always been a fan of harmony and male/female duets so this was a perfect excuse to get creative and write new songs specifically for us to sing.”  In addition to this new material Bob and Whitney will be performing songs from both of their records.

After touring B.C. relentlessly for years how will Bob keep this tour interesting?  “Well we’ve got an album’s worth of new songs and many of the promoters have ties to local recording studios so we are thinking about enlisting local B.C. talent to make our new record and a documentary on this tour.  It could be a blast!”


May 1 2009 Galiano Island, BC The Grand Central
May 2 2009 Brentwood Bay, BC Music in the Bay
May 5 2009 Grand Forks, BC Jogga's Coffee Shop
May 6 2009 Rossland, BC The Old Firehall
May 7 2009 Winlaw, BC Cedar Creek Cafe
May 8 2009 Creston, BC Snoring Sasquatch
May 9 2009 Castlegar, BC House party (E-mail for details)
May 10 2009 Ymir, BC Ymir Schoolhouse
May 11 2009 Christina Lake, BC Jimmy Beans
May 14 2009 Nanaimo, BC House party (E-mail for details)
May 15 2009 Victoria-James Bay House party (E-mail      kaspersongs@hotmail.com for details)
May 16 2009 Victoria, BC The Black Stilt
May 17 2009 Ucluelet, BC Wild Heather Books
Secret Entrance
Secret Entrance
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