Studio Work

I've recently been in the studio with :

- Melissa Boraski - She's played with the Real Pricillas but is now putting the finishing touches on her first solo record.  Her voice and her songs are real strong so we're just mapping out some auxillary instrumental parts to flesh out the arrangements.

- Romney Getty - She's a world-touring troubadour from Ontario.  I recorded  national steel, some Cuban tres and pedal steel for her new EP at Dan Aiken's incredible converted church studio in Hamilton.  She is on tour in Australia at the moment and won't return until the spring.

- Mike Manville - He's a Vancouver guy who's been playing around for years and has been recording a solo record in Chicago.  I got the songs in the mail recently and am working on them at home on my pro-tools rig.

- Shannon Briggs - She's a county-ish singer from Toronto recording her debut with Moe Berg from The Pursuit of Happiness producing.

- The Great Lake Swimmers - I recently traveled to  the  legendary Gas  Station studio on Toronto Island to record on their 3rd record with Dale Morningstar at the board.  Serena Ryder was there too, singing like an angel and making her debut on autoharp.

- Dave Dycus - He is an old college buddy of mine who moved into my home/studio for a week to record the beds for his new record of intricate fingerpicking guitar.


I am taking the plunge into MySpace ( and need all the help I can get.  I am currently posting different songs and some tour photos.  If you have any ideas of what you would like to see there just drop me an e-mail.

Fall Tour

The final tour of 2006 and beyond is now booked and it is going to be a great one.  It runs October 12th to November 12th and as usual most of the shows will be in my adopted province of British Columbia.

In addtion to performing the Glorious  Decline and  a  whole whack of new material, i'll have some special guests joining  me.  Australian  singer/songwriter Cass Eager is set to join me  the  last  week  of the tour  on  Vancouver  Island.  And at the Media Club in Vancouver (Nov. 1st) I am sharing the bill with 2 Montreal artists with amazing voices Amanda Mabro ( and Andrea Revel (  We haven't met yet but we are planning to sing together on this show.  It will be a blast.
Secret Entrance
Secret Entrance
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