Studio Work

I've recently been in the studio with :

- Kat Goldman - She's an old friend making a long-overdue record with Maury Lafoy producing.  A cross between Shawn Colvin and Aimee Mann.

- Shannon Briggs - She is a young country-ish singer that I met backstage after a show.  We recorded in her own warehouse/recording studio in Toronto with Moe Berg from the Pursuit of Happiness producing.

- Melissa Boraski - She's played with the Real Pricillas but is now putting the finishing touches on her first solo record.  Her voice and her songs are real strong so we're just mapping out some auxillary instrumental parts to flesh out the arrangements.

- Romney Getty - She's a world-touring troubadour from Ontario.  I recorded  national steel, some Cuban tres and pedal steel for her new EP at Dan Aiken's incredible converted church studio in Hamilton.  She is on tour in Australia at the moment and won't return until the spring.

- Mike Manville - He's a Vancouver guy who's been playing around for years and has been recording a solo record in Chicago.  I got the songs in the mail recently and am working on them at home on my pro-tools rig.

- Shannon Briggs - She's a county-ish singer from Toronto recording her debut with Moe Berg from The Pursuit of Happiness producing.

- The Great Lake Swimmers - I recently traveled to  the  legendary Gas  Station studio on Toronto Island to record on their 3rd record with Dale Morningstar at the board.  Serena Ryder was there too, singing like an angel and making her debut on autoharp.

- Dave Dycus - He is an old college buddy of mine who moved into my home/studio for a week to record the beds for his new record of intricate fingerpicking guitar.

An Introduction

2005 was a typical year of gigging and recording.  Blue Rodeo released a record so we did almost 100 shows to support it in Canada, the U.K. and the states.  I also managed to squeeze in 31 solo shows mainly in British Columbia.  On the recording front I was lucky to make tracks with the Cowboy Junkies, Jason Collette and Justin Rutledge among others while also recording and mixing my new record, the Glorious Decline.  That didnít leave much time for my public speaking but I did make a couple for Coldwell Bankers and the General Motors.  I also bought an old house that I gutted and am renovating.

2006 will be a busy year as well.  The Glorious Decline will be released in the spring followed by heavy solo touring.  I have already begun recording 2 new pedal steel instrumental records (one world beat music and one ambient massage therapy music) and the house renovations will never stop.  Iíll be chipping away at the book and public speaking careers and I imagine Blue Rodeo will clock in a fair amount of shows.  Iíll keep you posted.  Thanks for visiting.
Secret Entrance
Secret Entrance
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